New CRM improves business for established engineering company

WB’s mission is to build infrastructures and environments to help their clients work better. They offer:

  • information technology consulting,
  • security consulting,
  • inspection services,
  • civil engineering services.

Recently, they turned that same initiative on themselves, and upgraded their CRM.

With a vision to transform building infrastructure and environments to transform business, WB Engineers+Consultants provides professional engineering services. They offer information technology, security consulting, inspection, and civil engineering services to clients across all sectors throughout the United States.

The Challenge 

Custom setup for CRM

WB Engineers+Consultants has 12 offices and 150 professionals spread across the country. However, they lacked a central database for staff members to track client and prospect relationships, share project information, and update progress. Instead, they relied on spreadsheets and email to share and organize information. WB knew they wanted to elevate their processes by transitioning to Dynamics 365 CRM. They had the solution in place, but for several years they struggled to find a partner to set it up according to their needs. While the team was motivated to get the project done, given the slow progress they were doubtful whether it would actually happen. 
The Approach 

Identify what a business needs from its CRM

WB contacted us based on a recommendation from another client we partnered with to implement Dynamics 365. We quickly earned WB’s respect and became part of their team, something they were missing with the consultants they had previously engaged.   To get a good understanding of what WB wanted in their CRM, we took the time to ask questions and run through various scenarios. In addition to needing a single place to manage relationships and projects, we learned that leadership was technology-driven, metrics-focused, and wanted to automate processes.   Based on their specifications, we built and implemented Dynamics 365, including:  
  • Configuring Who Knows Whom functionality to help WB win business by leveraging existing relationships 
  • Setting up Tracking to allow staff members to easily upload email messages, contacts, tasks, and appointments in the centralized database 
  • Integrating DotDigital into the Dynamics 365 platform to help WB automate their email marketing and collect and track customer data 
The Impact 

Workflows simplified with CRM

Since we launched Dynamics 365, the WB team is getting used to the new platform. In a short time, the solution has already: 
  • Given leadership greater visibility and insight into metrics and progress toward goals 
  • Simplified and streamlined work by eliminating the need to rely on email to share information and move projects forward 
  • Provided team members with a sense of relief that the platform is functional and excitement about how it will improve their business processes and strategy 
“This is an important long-term relationship for us. Our list of ideas for Dynamics 365 is long. It is nice to know we are going to be working with Root16,” Julie Pampuch, Principal at WB Engineers+Consultants.

“The Root16 team are exceptional, fun people who are invested in our success. Not only is the tool they built us incredible, but we have also enjoyed the journey.”