D365 Saves Nonprofit Thousands of Hours by Streamlining Sales Process


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Manually creating a quote for a prospective client is easy when your business is small. However, when you have over 10,000 SKUs, 61 different price sheets, and varying international currencies, it becomes a tedious minefield.

The client is a Nonprofit association and world-leading expert in training, educating, and certifying the next generation of technology experts. They have been awarded more than 2.5 million certifications internationally.

While the client is recognized as a technology leader, they knew they needed help with their own infrastructure. Over time, their service offerings had become more robust, and their CRM no longer met their needs. They had worked with different Microsoft Partners in the past, but it only led to band-aid solutions.

“We have used several Microsoft partners over the years, some better than others. We recently were using a very large partner and hadn’t been getting the level of attention we wanted and needed. We decided to try a local boutique partner in Root16 who has a tremendous amount of experience in this space and a very deep technical team to support us,” said the client.


If D365 is creating more work, it’s not set up properly

To create a quote, the sales team would have to manually look up prices in Product Central, an Azure SQL database with a Power App front end. This was their central hub for housing all product pricing for all currencies and pricing tiers. While this tool was robust, it was not integrated into their D365 instance.

After spending 30 minutes creating the quote, the sales team then had to manually add the information to Dynamics 365 and send the quote to the client. This process was time-consuming and invited mistakes.

“The users were frustrated with D365, viewing it as nothing more than homework and busy work. As a result, most chose not to use it,” said the client.

Knowing this, leadership made the decision to update their processes with the help of Root16.


Saying goodbye to manual processes

Root16 knew that if they set up their D365 correctly, the client’s pain points would fade away. They could finally say goodbye to a time-consuming process for good.

Here’s how Root16 overhauled its manual process for quote generation:

  • Reduced opportunity form from 50 fields to 5 fields. User adoption starts by reducing friction. By reducing the form to only the most essential information, the sales team has an easier entry point for generating an invoice. This efficiency also eliminated duplicate data.
  • Connecting over 10,000 SKUs, 61 price sheets, and international currency. By integrating Product Central with Dynamic Sales, D365 was able to pull the right price list to the right contact automatically based on location.  The user didn’t have to think about the price list at all. Root16 used custom Power Automate jobs along with client-side scripting to ensure data was accurate and update date and that the sales team had the right information to make the right decisions.
  • Easily access to tools for complex quotes. Since quotes are complex and varied based on the type of customer, Root16 created custom ribbon buttons and actions to make sure that the sales team had the right resources to be easily accessible, providing a guided process.
  • Generating a quote in seconds using Power Automate. Root16 used Power Automate to automatically generate the quote and send it to the customer for signature right from D365. If needed, they could also customize the details of the quote right from their CRM.
  • Instantly generating reports to make data-driven decisions. Root16 implemented a number of automation features to streamline the process of entering data and creating reports. Because these workflows and quotes live in Dynamics 365, the marketing team can create dashboards using Power BI.


D365 User Adoption Impacts Customer Experience

By focusing on increasing user adoption with the sales team, they saw a domino effect.

“As a company that is rapidly growing it’s hard to pinpoint the exact ROI, but we believe our reps are at least 5% more efficient overall and we believe our growth is supporting that,” said the client.

Through integrating their pricing tool and setting up workflows, the sales team has fully adopted the tool. All teams can see which opportunities converted into contracts and which didn’t; they can see what marketing efforts are generating the most leads. The automation of Dynamics 365 also gives the workforce more time to perform revenue-generating tasks.

Most importantly, leadership now has greater visibility of sales and marketing metrics. With the reports they receive, they can make data-driven decisions for the company as a whole.

The impact was positively felt across the board, even by their customers. Take a look at the chart below to see the domino effect.


Using D365 for Business Growth

Because the client sought an experienced CRM expert, they were able to fundamentally change their organization. By investing in the right technology, their future is set up for success.

Previously, the sales team disliked Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a CRM, but now they view it as an essential tool to make their lives easier. Leadership is grateful because they have significantly more visibility into their forecasting revenue, campaign ROI, and general team effectiveness.

What was once a tool that created problems and caused headaches, is now a tool at the heart of the company’s strategy.

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