Integrating electronic signature improves CRM experience

Using Dynamics 365 to improve the digital signature process

We built an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solution that integrated digital document signing with Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM. The work has improved the user experience for our client.

The Challenge

How to integrate e-signature with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

As a global leader in digital ink, our client offers a solution for adding handwritten signatures to digital documents. This platform eliminates the need to print, scan, and send paper documents which ultimately saves time and money for their customers. Though they were already meeting basic needs, our client identified an opportunity to further enhance the user experience of their customers. They decided to integrate with the Dynamics 365 CRM, which many of their customers were already using. 

Though the decision was made, they didn’t have the experience or expertise to execute. 

“Root16 came highly recommended… Our developers are wonderful and know our product, but we needed an expert in Dynamics 365,” said the senior sales director.

The Approach

Using Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solution to fully integrate with CRM

To begin, we met with our client to discuss their vision. As a result, we determined how Dynamics 365 capabilities would benefit the work they were doing with digital signatures. We then built an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solution that allowed for full integration. This would allow our client to offer their product on Microsoft AppSource. This allows for those who have Dynamics 365 integration with Sharepoint to launch digital signatures from any documents grid. All this is accomplished with just a click of a button!

“It’s a game-changer to have a different option. You can stay inside Dynamics [to collect electronic signatures] and it’s easy for in-person signatures… A totally different paradigm to bring to the Dynamics community,” said the senior sales director. ​

Using Dynamics 365 to improve the digital signature process

The Impact

User authentication protects sensitive information in CRM

The solution we created fully met our client’s goals of integrating their digital signatures with Dynamics 365. Their customers will now benefit from a convenient and streamlined digital signing process. The document inspection feature also allows for their customers to get quick visibility into document details. This includes the number of signatures and name of the signers. The built-in encryption and user authentication ensures that customers will enjoy the same level of security they are accustomed to but with the Dynamics 365 interface.

While the app is not yet live on Microsoft AppSource, our client is pleased with the outcome and excited to bring it to market.

“I would absolutely recommend Root16. They were great. Super easy to work with. Very responsive. Asked the right questions. Got to the root of the problem. They also delivered the project on time and on budget.”

– Senior Sales Director

Using Dynamics 365 to improve the digital signature process
Using Dynamics 365 to improve the digital signature process

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