Migrating from Salesforce to D365 in one month

Cooler Screens is changing the traditional shopping experience for brick-and-mortar retailers. Their IoT-enabled screens not only make it easier to display products housed in coolers, but it also provides unique advertising opportunities for brands. Smart screens easily allow customers to see pictures, information, and promotions. This in turn creates greater appeal and more sales.


Migrating from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics 365

It is no surprise that the advertising sales team at Cooler Screens was growing quickly. While the team was using Salesforce to track customers and opportunities, the platform was not meeting their needs. When it was time to renew the Salesforce licenses, leadership decided that it would be best for them to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The challenge was they had just 4 weeks until their licenses would expire in Salesforce. Cooler Screens needed to configure D365 and migrate data in just one month. As you can imagine, the organization was anxious to get things done quickly. They needed to find a trusted D365 Partner who understood exactly what to do and could get started quickly.

Cooler Screens was migrating their CRM from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics 365,” said Steven Schain, Director of Business Intelligence at Cooler Screens. “This required creating a workflow to capture advertiser records, campaign opportunities, customer billing, contacts, creating reporting dashboards, and advertiser activities.”

A project like this needed seasoned professionals, so Microsoft suggested they work with Root16 to help them with this massive undertaking. Not only did the project include setup and migration, but Root16 was also tasked with data cleanup, reconfiguring fields, and streamlining manual processes.


1: Discovery, Configuration, and Migration

During the discovery process, Root16 dug deeper into team pain points that could be elevated during the configuration of their new D365. Formerly, Cooler Screens did not have relationships set up between their Account records and were not storing their brand data in a consistent way. Root16 architected an account hierarchy, so Cooler Screens could link their Advertiser accounts to the brand names and agencies that work with that account.

This change to the structure made it easier for reporting and allowed Cooler Screens to filter down the agencies and brands for the salesperson entering a new opportunity record. 

Schain likened the experience of working with Root16 to “adding an extra strategy partner to you team.”

2: Automating Manual Processes

After the initial go-live, Root16 focused on streamlining manual workarounds. Previously when they created orders for advertisers (known internally as Insertion Orders or “IO”), the sales team leader would look up SKUs, find pricing, and manually calculate the total. This could easily take someone half a day to complete one IO. After the IO was created, it still needed to be reviewed by finance, sent to the customer, and signed.

Root16 was able to automate this entire IO process. Here’s what the process now looks like from start to finish:

  1. Automation created to populate the IO template from opportunity information.
  2. Automation created to send IO to finance for approval.
  3. Automation created to send documents to customers via DocuSign.
  4. Automation created to mark Opportunity as Won in D365 and order is generated.
  5. IO synced to Business Central where the invoice to the customer is generated

The automated process was created in such a way that Cooler Screens is able to change the process when needed. “Cooler Screens is a start-up,” Schain said. “We are continuously innovating. Partnering with Root16 has allowed us to continue to develop our CRM and tools to fit our needs.”


Enjoying the Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

The impact of this project was felt almost immediately once the team was trained. Within just a few weeks, Cooler Screens drastically changed how they worked. Not only did Cooler Screens build and migrate to a new CRM, but they also instantly began to spend less time on administrative work.

What is their favorite part of the solution? 

Schain said, “Definitely the various dashboard views. These dashboards help our team review their individual work or the work under managers at a glance. We know exactly what we’ve completed recently, the number of activities, opportunity progress, and what closed or opened the previous week.”

The results of this project also impacted their customer experience. Advertisers now have a faster, more streamlined experience when placing ads through Cooler Screens.

Where are they now? 

The client was so happy with the project that they continued to work with Root16 on other projects within their department and across the organization.

“I highly recommend Root16 to anyone with CRM needs,” the Director of Business Intelligence said.

Ready to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

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