Root16 was founded through a strong desire of four co-workers and friends to get back to their roots.  Brad, Brendan, Corey & Jeff all served in leadership roles with a successful Dynamics Inner Circle partner helping to grow the company to 150+ employees.  In 2018, the company was acquired by one of the largest global consulting organizations in the world, in what is commonly referred to as their most successful technology acquisition to date. 

With the move to big consulting and with over 50+ years of combined CRM experience, the founders of Root16 were missing something. They missed being hands-on and nimble with their clients.  They missed the culture and camaraderie of a smaller company.  They missed the challenges that come with building a business.  In that light, Root16 was formed.

We consider our customers the branches.  We value partnership and know from experience the most successful projects are those where we operate as true partners, a single team working towards a common goal.

“A tree’s beauty lies in its branches, but its strength lies in its roots.”

Our employees are the roots of our organization.  Similar to the roots of a tree, the strongest team will produce the best output.  We know that employees who are happy and engaged will produce the best results and create the strongest solutions for our customers.

“A small tree with strong roots will outlive a big tree with weak ones.”