Announcing Toolshed for Power Platform / Dynamics 365!

Root16 has developed a new tool to make your Dynamics life easier and increase your productivity when developing for or configuring the system. Toolshed is a Chrome Extension that has shortcuts to automatically apply commands you use every day in Dynamics.

Easily execute short commands that return a quick response. Commands such as showing hidden form fields, enabling fields, displaying the record ID, and entity type code. Search through our list of common commands, like “show schema names” and with just one click it will switch to the schema names on your Dynamics page.

Remember the Form Editor and Advanced Find buttons that have been removed from modern apps? Access both again easily with Toolshed!

You can also easily navigate to the Maker Portal, Apps, Flows, specific solutions all with some simple commands as well as executing Fetch XML, updating field values that don’t exist on the form and auto-populating fields with test data.

With the command line UI, it allows for powerful dynamic commands that will be very useful in your daily routine as an administrator or developer. 

Check out our video to see Toolshed in action!

Click here to install the Toolshed chrome extension and then click on the Toolshed icon when you are on a record in Dynamics. Toolshed will make any Dynamics 365 developer or admin’s life easier.

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