Power Platform: The Toolbox You Already Own

The Microsoft Power Platform is a set of low-code tools that enable you to analyze your data, act on business challenges, automate processes, and assist with routine tasks and questions. All of these things can be done in a familiar environment. Built on Azure, these tools inherit the same security, certifications, and controls your organization is already using. Built-in connectors with other Microsoft cloud services, and countless others, make utilizing and interacting with existing data even easier.

cellphone with microsoft dynamics 365 sales mobile app

Microsoft released updates to the Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App

Microsoft recently released updates to the Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile app. The update includes experience improvements for the previous version as well as the following improvements, according to Microsoft’s documentation:

Consider privileges set by teams for creating and editing operations.
Show “ApplicationRequired” fields by default when not explicitly added to the default QVF for an entity.
The updates that Root16 finds most helpful have to do with the quick-add function on the Sales Mobile App.