Building Powerful Low-Code / No-Code Bots with Power Platform

Power Virtual Agents

You’ve probably invested a lot of time and resources into building your Microsoft environment, but all that work is for nothing if your team and clients don’t use it! Thankfully, there is an easily accessible way to help the people who should be using your Microsoft Power Platform, use it more easily.

Chatbots, virtual agents (AI), and Power Automate are all tools that you can empower your staff and your clients to use your Microsoft Ecosystem the way it was designed to be used.

Why you would use chatbots?

A chatbot is a computer program that allows interaction between humans and technology. Having a chatbot set up in Power Platform will allow developers to help clients—and managers to help their team—with routine questions and common concerns automatically.

Chatbots can be set up in Microsoft Power Apps:

  • With automation to free up resources and be more efficient
  • To free up resources for other tasks
  • Allow agents to support multiple clients at once
  • Provide quicker support for clients
  • Work across multiple channels – website, social, mobile
  • Capturing information that can also be used to qualify them as a lead

Power Virtual Agents are better for business administrative work

Power Virtual Agents are chatbots within the Microsoft Power Platform.  They can even use artificial intelligence to understand and respond to a user’s request in real time. This makes virtual agents even more useful in a business sense as they can complete various administrative tasks.

Power Virtual Agents can:

  • Quickly and easily build, test, and deploy bots
  • Low-code graphical interface
  • Leverage Power Automate for easy low-code integrations
  • Easily deploy to multiple channels

There is a cost associated with Power Virtual Agents.

  • $100 / Month for 1,000 sessions (aka 1 full conversation)
  • $200 / Month for 2,000 sessions (aka 1 full conversation)

What do you use Power Automate for?

Power Automate is a service that helps you create automated workflows between Microsoft applications. Since Power Automate is a low-code service” it minimizes the learning curve for users as you don’t need to be a developer.

What do you use Power Automate for?

  • Quickly and easily automate processes
  • Low-code graphical interface
  • Connectors to a variety of systems for easy integrations
  • Leverage AI capabilities
  • Easily connect with Power Virtual Agents to extend capabilities
  • Included with Microsoft Dynamics licenses

Interested in using bots with your Power Platforms?

Bots, AI, and automation help you and your organization get the very best results from your Microsoft Ecosystem. If you need help setting up these bots, contact Root16 today!