How to Export Telemetry Data from Power Platform

One of the great new features of the Power Platform is the ability to export telemetry data to your own Azure Application Insights instance. This allows you to slice and dice data as desired and provide self-service analytics that previously required help from Microsoft support. By leveraging this data, we can see how active and engaged users are, troubleshoot failures, monitor performance and more! In this post, we will show you exactly how to get the export started.

Note: This feature is still in Public Preview



Getting Started with your Application Insights

First, head over to your Azure Portal and create an Application Insights instance:

Select the Subscription where you would like the Application Insights. You will also select the Resource Group and name the instance. It is important to note that when selecting a Region, you need to make sure it is the same Region that your Power Platform environment is located in.




 Deploying your Application Insights

Finish creating the Application Insights resource and wait for it to be completely deployed. Once the Application Insights is fully ready, head over to the Power Platform Admin Center. Expand Analytics on the left and click “Data export (preview)”.



Click “New data export” and select “CDS diagnostics and performances” as well as your desired Environment.


Select your Azure Subscription, Resource group and Application Insights instance that we just created and then click Create.


Completing your Telemetry Export

Now your telemetry export is all setup! Within hours of usage against your environment, you should start seeing data populate within your Application Insights instance. You can head to the Dashboard within Application Insights and it will display some default charts such as usage, reliability and responsiveness. 

You can also navigate to Logs on the left-hand side and view some default queries such as response time, request count, performance, and failed operations. You can build your own queries and dashboards catered to your own unique requirements.

With telemetry export setup, you can now get easy access to information that previously only Microsoft Support had access to in online environments!


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