CRM Consultants for Accountants

CRM Consultants for Accountants

To remain competitive, accounting firms must identify strategies that maximize revenue opportunities among both new and existing accounts.

Many people think of Customer Engagement (CRM) as a way to build existing customer relationships, but a well-implemented CRM application can drastically enhance sales performance and boost revenue.

Consistent revenue growth can feel like a moving target. Few accountants consider themselves “sellers,” so their natural tendency is to focus on providing high-quality services to existing accounts. New business development gets de-prioritized and pushed to the back burner in order to address pressing client issues. However, to consistently grow top-line revenue, firms must consistently market to, sell to, and win business at new accounts.

By providing all customer-facing employees with a more comprehensive view of revenue opportunities, CRM systems can equip accounting firms with the resources they need to acquire new clients and more effectively pull revenue that exists within their current client base.

Key Considerations for Customer Engagement (CRM) at Accounting Firms

We approach each of our engagements with a tried and true methodology, bringing years of learnings and best practices to your organization with a collaborative approach focused not on implementing a solution but driving business outcomes.