Meet the Team: Brad Bosak

Brad Bosak

Name:  Brad Bosak

Position: Principal

Expertise:  Technical Architecture / Software Development


  • 20 years software development experience
  • Been Working with Dynamics since 2005 (Microsoft CRM v1.2)
  • Co-authored the Programming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Book for Microsoft Press

When Windows 8 was released, I worked on a Windows 8 tablet app for a large brewery. I love beer and building mobile apps, so that was kind of a dream project for me. The first version of that app was featured on stage at numerous Microsoft events.

I recently took a deep dive into the Microsoft Bot Framework. I’m currently working on a Microsoft Teams chatbot that uses a client’s REST API to return info to users in the chat. The framework is flexible and allowed me to wire up authentication to the client’s existing API without them having to make any changes.

I’ve worked at start-up companies most of my career. I enjoy the fast-paced and agile environment a small company provides. Root16 is still in the early stages of development, but so far, we have a great team. I really enjoy working with everyone here.

The Ember coffee mug. Maybe not the “best” technology ever created, but for me…it’s a total game changer. I’m a super slow coffee drinker. With this thing, you can control the temperature of your coffee from the Ember phone app. No more cold coffee for me.

It’s ok to say, “I don’t know”. Just be upfront about it and then work to get the answers. That advice was given to me early on when I was transitioning from being a behind the scenes dev to a more client facing technical lead.


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