Meet the Team: John Yenter-Briars

John Yenter-Briars. Software Engineer

Name: John Yenter-Briars

Position: Software Engineer

Expertise: Software Development


  • Developed trading analysis tools used by firm partners.
  • Developed data pipeline monitoring solutions on the AWS cloud.
  • Developed D365 customizations and integrations.

The client I’m currently working with had the requirement to setup an integration to mediate
between their Dynamics environment and on-prem services. The solution involved building a
RESTful API, and hosting it on Azure Kubernetes. I also got a chance work with the latest CICD
principles in Azure Dev Ops.

Recently I’ve learned that Custom APIs (the newer version of Custom Actions) are a great place
for reusable, stateless, but highly complex business logic to live. I’ve recently used a few with
clients and it is hassle free to setup, and easy to maintain. It also has a much-improved API for
interacting and calling methods.

One more nerdy fact I learned is the difference between the “Executing Assembly” and the
“Calling Assembly” in the .NET runtime. Both are methods that can be used to determine the
currently executing Assembly’s runtime context. “Executing Assembly” is the assembly that contains the context in which the code is currently running, while the “Calling Assembly” is the assembly which initiated the running context. The difference between the two is trivial, but I had never made the conscious distinction before.

I’m excited to keep working on one of our biggest clients a large/global accounting and consulting firm. The people are wonderful to work with, and they’re going through some
exciting upgrades in their CRM system. I’m excited to be a part of it.

The team environment at Root16 is top notch. I love attending the weekly dev meeting, and
always learning new tips. The developers are super knowledgeable about programming and are
a great resource to provide best practices and helpful guidance.

Can I choose both? Pancakes are optimal for supporting savory flavors – given the higher amount of milk used in their batter. Waffle batter on the other hand contains more sugar and eggs, and as such is better suited for pairing with sweet flavors. Both are delicious and each has its respective place on the breakfast table.

As a kid, my Mom always told me “do something – even if it’s wrong – just do something.” I’ve always had an appreciation for that piece of advice. 

Work on open-source projects. I believe open-source should be the primary model of software distribution, and it is the bedrock principle that the digital age is built on. If I had to pick a project, I would love to work on the Linux Kernel, but more realistically I would love to work on the Rust programming language. 

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