Meet the Team: Pete Majer

Name:  Pete Majer

Position: Principal Consultant

Expertise:  Solution Architect with strong Dynamics 365 product expertise


  •  20 years working in CRM technologies, 15 with Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365
  • Led hundreds of Dynamics 365 implementations.
  • Worked on many engagements focused in Professional Services.
  • Helped numerous clients move from D365 On-Premise to D365 Online.

Our team helped move a large professional services company from legacy software to Dynamics 365 Online. In addition to working with an amazing team of global professionals from the client, we were able to get them onto some cutting edge technology that allowed for continued enhancements via planned releases. We also built custom integration with a 3rd party marketing tool because the native integration fell short of the client’s needs.

Lately I’ve been getting into building Power Automate and learning more and more the power of that tool. On top of sending out summary emails on a schedule, or an approval process for invoice expenses, I’ve been able to build a process that generates a Word Template as a PDF and attaches it to a CRM email. I needed assistance from a developer to hook it up to a D365 Form button that will ultimately open the email with the PDF attached for the end user. Working with Power Automate has opened my eyes to the possibilities this tool has for many business challenges.

I had worked for Sonoma Partners from 2006 to 2018, and then at EY for a few years after the acquisition. While EY offers many great things that I was sad to give up, I really wanted to return to the small company vibe and work with amazing intelligent people that I know I could trust. I know everyone at Root16 gives 110% in anything they do and will always have my back. Not only does everyone work hard, but they also know the value in slowing down and having fun. There are always social activities planned as a “thank you” to everyone working here, and so that we can all get to know each other and let loose once in a while.

My first job was as a bagger and “gatherer of carts” for my local Jewel when I turned 16. While the job was close, not too mentally taxing, and I was earning some money, the money I was earning was not great – I had dues taken out every paycheck for the union I never joined since I didn’t stick around long enough to become a member. I also sadly never made it up to the coveted cashier position.

Definitely travel. There are too many amazing places in this world that I have yet to see with my own eyes in person. There’s also so much to learn from different cultures that would give me a new perspective on everyday situations.

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