Meet the Team: Sarah Brehm

Meet our Team Blog - Sarah Brehm

Name: Sarah Brehm

Position: Consultant

Expertise: Software Development and Technical Communication


  • I have extensive experience streamlining and leading communication pipelines for multiple applications.
  • I have designed and implemented documentation standards and repositories.
  • I have technically trained onshore and offshore resources.
  • I have developed software solutions for custom applications.
  • I have created D365/CRMs/Microsoft customizations.

We had a repetitive, manual process to correct bad data erroring our batch processes in downstream systems. This process was taking significant bandwidth from the team, so I created a JS application to automate the process and it saved us an exponential amount of time. The process originally took 30 minutes per data correction and automation shortened it to 3 seconds and removed the risk of human error. I was SO excited that I never had to do that process manually ever again!

One cool thing I learned is how easily data can be imported and exported to and from CRM! There are so many hoops to jump through with other systems I have worked with in the past. But with CRM, moving data around is a dream and it’s so accessible and simple to work with.

I just got assigned a project with a client to help synchronize their data across multiple systems through Dynamics. I am excited to create new business flows and ensure their data is easily accessible to them and formatted to suit their needs.

My favorite part of working at Root16 is the people I work with and our company values. Many companies today are number-driven, but Root16 is focused on its people and building relationships. This grows our culture as well as our productivity because our clients and employees feel valued.

Have you ever seen a hippo hiding in a tree? No? It’s because they are good at it. 

I LOVE doing dishes and the laundry! It’s a great time to listen to music and get lost in thought. Plus, nothing beats folding warm blankets fresh from the dryer.

I grew up doing theater and I would totally get back into it again. Whether it’s onstage, backstage, tech, sets or costumes, I love being involved! It’s practically a full-time job being part of a show, but it’s always a great time.

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