Meet the Team: Travis Terbrack

Meet our team Blog - Travis

Name: Travis Terbrack 

Position: Consultant

Expertise: Model Driven & Canvas Power Apps


  • Three years experience with Canvas Power Apps development
  • Two years experience in Project Management
  • Bachelor in Business Project Management


A project I’m quite proud of is when I designed a canvas PowerApp to completely overhaul my previous workplace’s tooling process. This change resulted in a total savings of five million dollars.

One thing that I recently learned about Microsoft Dynamics is how user-friendly it is. Before I joined Root16, I was mainly involved with Canvas PowerApps which can be rather tedious. Once I was exposed to the Model Driven side of Dynamics, it felt like my eyes were opened for the first time.

I’m currently enjoying the work I’m doing with a large Professional Services client integrating Workday with their D365 instance. The project involves so many different systems that I would not have had the privilege to learn about otherwise.

My favorite part about Root16 is how much learning is encouraged. Every day I feel like I’m learning something new. Everyone is so responsive to questions and willing to help in any way they can. Overall, it just feels like a great environment to learn.

Waffles every day, all day. Pancakes have nothing on waffles. Which is crispier? Waffles. Which is fluffier? Waffles. Which can hold syrup without it going everywhere? Waffles. Need I say more?

The ability to teleport because I’m really bad at planning for travel and always seem to be late. If I could just be anywhere instantly, I’d stop being late and have a lot more time in my day.

I think the smartphone is the greatest invention of our generation. It has changed so many facets of our day-to-day life. Having the ability to talk to everyone and all the world’s information at your fingertips is a total game-changer.

Gold Certified Microsoft Partner

Root16 is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner specializing in Customer Engagement, Power Platforms, Customer Insights, and ISV. If you are looking to introduce your sales team to Microsoft's Dynamic 365 Sales Mobile app or need help with the recent updates, contact Root16 today.