Microsoft released updates to the Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App

cellphone with microsoft dynamics 365 sales mobile app

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App is a powerful addition to mobile apps. This app was specifically built for folks in sales who are always on the move. The home screen offers quick references to your upcoming meetings, quick views of your most recent records, and the ability to quickly create records. Making your interaction with CRM data truly feel like a mobile app experience. 

What is included in the Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App update?

Microsoft recently released updates to the Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile app. The update includes experience improvements for the previous version as well as the following improvements, according to Microsoft’s documentation:

  • Consider privileges set by teams for creating and editing operations.
  • Show “ApplicationRequired” fields by default when not explicitly added to the default QVF for an entity.

 These new updates create a new quick way to create records on the fly as a sale mobile app user. However, for organization needing Duplicate Detection and have underlying code added to the united interface forms pay close attention to these new settings.

The updates that Root16 finds most helpful have to do with the quick-add function on the Sales Mobile App.

Adding new records via the mobile app

When creating a record from the ‘+’ button on the home screen of the mobile app, a unique-to-mobile form appears to allow users to quickly add a new record on their mobile device. This mobile-only form is a combination of a quick form and all that company’s required fields for a new record, making this a great tool to quickly create records away from your desktop.


Before the recent update, the sales mobile apps did not support:

  • Duplicate detection
  • Any underlying code an organization may have added to the interface form

This meant that the record created on the mobile app would create a messier contact list that contained duplicates and neglected to honor customization on the desktop environment. 

The recent update to the sale mobile app includes a new setting that can help.

How to bypass the Sale Mobile quick create experience

To enable duplicate detection and enable support for custom-code:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Center of your desktop environment
  2. Selecting Settings > Products > Features > Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app

Here you’ll see three new settings available. These settings enable you to redirect users in your organization to united interface forms that support duplicate detection and underlying code when creating new records.

By enabling the first setting, you are telling the Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile app to redirect users away from the custom quick view form/required fields record creation and send the user to the united interface forms. 

Once this setting is enabled you are given the choice to enable the second setting, which will disable the option to quick-add new records and activities, all together, in the Sales Mobile App.  

The final setting will allow you to set the Sales Mobile app to edit and view records and activities using ‘only’ united interface forms instead of quick view forms when selecting from the home screen.

How to configure a table for the Sales Mobile quick create experience

Configuring a table to appear for quick-add record creation, using the intended lightweight record creation, you need to navigate to the properties of the table and set both ‘Allow quick create’ and ‘Enable for phone expresses’ to true. 

All tables with both these properties set to ‘true’ and a quick view form available, will be added to the lightweight record creation list from your Sales Mobile App home screen.

Overall, the beauty of the Sales Mobile App is the lightweight record viewing, editing, and creation from the home screen. However, if you have underlying code or need duplicate detection these settings are a wonderful choice and are simple to configure. 

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