Now We’re Talking… Power Apps Solution Explorer Available!

Power Apps Solution Explorer

As of this morning, I have been enjoying clicking around in the new version of the Power Apps Solution Explorer.  You can check this new functionality out yourself by visiting  Once you navigate to the Solutions section, be sure to toggle the preview on in the top right of the page:

The new UI update has come in with few surprising changes, with me being most excited about the new object layout. Solutions are full of just so many bits and pieces, and usually I’m not touching much outside of a few tables. Currently, when I open the solution I have to go to the upper right and choose the Table filter.

The Old Way

Whoa. That is a lot of stuff.  What if I’m looking for a Web Resource? I scroll down… and down… and down… and I missed it. But fear no more, everything is now placed on the left- alphabetized and neatly organized.

It’s now super easy to switch between any part of the solution, which will greatly lower the amount of time I spend hitting the back button then going through the whole process of filtering out what I don’t need to look at.

Another thing to note is that it’s now remarkably easy to find Solution settings from the Overview tab.  The Solution Checker is also a lot more front and center. Instead of checking the Solution and then waiting for the button to appear on the top ribbon, now it is easily accessible from an Overview tab on the left.

Everything within the solution is clearly laid out with this, and I’m absolutely loving the ease of access that the update provides. Even though the difference is essentially moving things from a top ribbon to the left, it’s really the little things that make things easier.