Understanding Microsoft Dynamics Sales Copilot Security

Efficiency and security are paramount in today’s ever-evolving workplace.

Microsoft’s Sales Copilot for Outlook and Teams, along with Sales Copilot for Model-Driven Apps, will be invaluable tools for organizations. To harness their full potential while protecting the business, it’s essential to manage users Sales Copilots security roles and privileges effectively.  

Let’s take a look at the significance of the Sales Copilot security roles and privileges. 

The Copilot User Security Role: A Gateway to Enhanced Productivity

The Microsoft Sales Copilot User security role is central to our discussion. This role is designed to facilitate the seamless integration of Outlook and Teams add-ins, empowering users with enhanced capabilities.  

Why New Privileges are Necessary: User roles must adapt to meet changing needs. New privileges enhance user experiences while maintaining data security. 

Privileges to Empower Your Team: The image below outlines the specific privileges included in the Sales Copilot User security role. These privileges are tailored to provide users with the necessary access to maximize the Sales Copilot’s potential in Outlook and Teams. 

Sales Copilot User Security Privileges Table

Determining the Right Users: Not every Dynamics 365 user will require access to these specific privileges. Analyze your organizational structure and identify the subset of users who will benefit the most from these new privileges. 

Streamlining Custom Security Role Privileges: An efficient way to manage privileges is to ensure that your custom security roles contain all the required privileges needed for the Microsoft Sales Copilot feature. This not only maintains consistency but also simplifies security roles across your organization. 

Microsoft Sales Copilot and Model Driven App Security

Sales Copilot Privileges: Microsoft Sales Copilot security in the model-driven app is straightforward. System Administrators need to review custom security roles and ensure the following privileges are set: 

Miscellaneous Area: 

  • View Audit History
  • View Audit Summary 

Enable Sales Copilot in Model-Driven Apps: System Administrators can enable or disable Microsoft Sales Copilot for specified Model Driven Apps to improve user access. Simply navigate to the Sales Hub App and go to the App Settings pop-up.

Under General Settings, select Sales Copilot. Once selected find the Manage Apps button, near the bottom of the left panel section and select. A right panel will pop-up with your available environments in Apps. Here is where you can decide which model-driven app you’d like Microsoft Sales Copilot enabled in. 

Elevating Your Organization’s Efficiency with Microsoft Sales Copilot

Integrating Outlook and Teams add-ins and Model-Driven Apps can substantially increase productivity. Proper management of security roles and privileges is the key to realizing their full potential. 

A secure and efficient CRM system can help you maintain a competitive edge and achieve business objectives.

By offering your users the Sales Copilot User security role with the necessary privileges, you can free up their time spent on manual tasks and empower them to spend more time on high-value creation work.  

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